Antifungal Nail Polish

Antifungal Nail PolishWhile it is possible in rare instances for nail fungus to pose a major medical risk in people with circulatory diseases, usually it is only a cosmetic problem.  Fingernails and toenails infected with fungus can look really ugly.  They may be yellow, white or even black.  They may split and lift from the nail bed or become thick and misshapen.  This is bad enough for guys but even worse for women, especially if they have an important social function coming up.  We all want to look our best at such times without having to worry about hiding our hands and concealing our toes when we’d rather be wearing strappy sandals.

There are some great anti-fungal/antibacterial nail polishes available that were created by doctors, the ingredients of which help prevent the infection spreading from one nail to another.  These nail polishes work very well for this purpose, and while there’s no easy way to disguise a badly distorted nail and I wouldn’t recommend wearing polish on a nail that is split down to the nail bed, in milder cases it does a great camouflage job.  It’s also excellent as a nail fungal preventative, making it ideal for use at home or for taking to the nail salon.  While most salons sterilize their tools between clients, the nail polish itself can harbor fungi from an infected client which can be inadvertently brushed on to the nails of other clients of the salon.  Taking your own polish will prevent this from happening.

The antifungal nail polish brand I am currently using is daniPro.  It applies smoothly, dries quickly and is very durable.  I’ve been wearing it in the shade Mocha Babe It’s You for a week and a half now and it looks as good as it did the day I applied it.  DaniPro isn’t the cheapest nail polish on the market and I wish it came in more colors, but those I have are really nice.  Since using it my bare nails look healtheir with no yellow tinge which I often get following consistant nail polish wear.  I also use daniPro’s Anti-fungal Basecoat Be Free and daniPro’s Nail Polish Peace Top-Coat.

DaniPro antifungal nail polish contains 100% natural ingredients including Undecylenic acid, in a patent pending formulation that has proven anti-fungal properties. It’s free of formaldehyde, DBP and toluene, and most importantly for me as an animal lover it hasn’t been tested on animals.

If you have suffered nail fungal infections in the past, when combined with sensible hygiene practices as outlined here, adding antifungal nail polish such as daniPro to your arsenal will help prevent a recurrence.  If you are currently suffering a nail fungal infection I recommend ZetaClear, a 100% natural two part treatment with a very high success rate of clearing nail fungus quickly.


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